There are very few movie characters who have managed to cast their spell on every generation equally.  With every passing year and advancement in technology, some genius invention turns obsolete, some spectacular performance appears churlish.  James Bond movies have survived many generations and continues to be loved by audiences even today. James Bond is the fictional creation of Ian Fleming and was first introduced in his 1953 novel.You can watch the below movies on kodi app pair errors There have been twenty four James Bond movies so far and each of them has been equally captivating and entertaining.  Actors David Niven, Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Timothy Dalton, Roger Moore, Daniel Craig and Pierce Brosnan have all played Bond in the various productions.

Except Casino Royale and Never Say Never Again, all other films were produced by Eon Productions.  British secret agent James Bond, who also addresses himself as 007, works for M16.  The characterization of James Bond has slightly varied with the actor but in general he plays the role of a tough secret agent with a slight sense of humor which continues to remain Bond’s style statement.  All James Bond films have satisfying proportions of suspense, adventure, thrill and humor.  Yet here I list out my top ten favorite James Bond films.

1.Dr. No (1962)

In this film, Sean Connery plays the Bond. The director of this film is Terence Young while Ursula Andress plays the Bond Girl in the film.

In this film, James Bond discovers that a Chinese scientist living in a remote Jamaican Island is connected to a bizarre killing. The scientist is working for SPECTRE and is plotting to disrupt the rocket launches in America.

2.Goldfinger (1964)

Even in this film Sean Connery plays James Bond. The film was directed by Guy Hamilton.Honor Blackman plays the Bond girl.

In this film James Bond battles Auric Goldfinger, a gold magnate who schemes to irradiate the gold supply of Fort Knox, making it lose its worth, thus increasing the value of his own supply.

3.Casino Royale (2006)

Daniel Craig plays Bond in this film. The film was directed by Ken Hughes, John Huston, Robert Parrish, Joseph McGrath, Val Guest and Richard Talmadge.

In his first assignment as a 00 agent, James Bond attempts to foil schemes of the financier Le Chiffre by winning over him in a game of Poker at Casino Royale in Montenegro. Bond also woos the employee at the treasury, Vesper Lynd who has her own plans.

4.Goldeneye (1995)

Pierce Brosnan plays James Bond in Goldeneye. The film was directed by Martin Campbell and Isabella Scorupco plays the Bond girl in this film.

James Bond is striving to stop a group of techno-terrorists who use GoldenEye satellite weapon against London to cause global economic meltdown.

5.Thunderball (1965)

Sean Connery plays Bond in this film. Thunderball was directed by Terence Young and Claudine Auger plays the Bond girl in this film.

James Bond heads to the Bahamas to stop playboy multimillionaire Emilio Largo, the Deputy Head of SPECTRE, from using hijacked nuclear weapons. These nuclear weapons have the power to destroy and devastate the entire coastline of Eastern United States.

6.On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969)

George Lazenby plays James Bond in this film. The film was directed by Peter R Hunt and Dianna Rigg played the Bond girl in this film.

Bond unveils SPECTRE’s plan of biochemical terror while on hunt for Ernst Stavro Blofeld. James Bond woos and marries daughter of a crime lord who is suicidal in nature. She dies on the day of their wedding.

7.From Russia With Love (1963)

Sean Connery is James Bond in this film. Daniela Bianchi plays the Bond girl. This film was directed by Terence Young.

SPECTRE is conspiring to eliminate Bond. They employ a young fascinating Russian woman to play a fake defector in a scheme to terminate Bond. James Bond subsequently exploits her to decipher Russian.

8.The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)

Roger Moore plays Bond in this film. It is the directoral effort of Lewis Gilbert and Barbara Bach plays the Bond girl in this film.

James Bond and a female Russian Agent work together to find two nuclear submarines that have gone missing. They finally have to deal with a man who dreams of an empire undersea.

9.You Only Live Twice (1967)

Sean Connery plays Bond in You Only Live Twice. The film was directed by Lewis Gilbert and Mie Hama was the Bond girl in the film.

James Bond fakes his death. He is off to Japan to find out about the hijack of a Russian and American manned spacecraft from the orbit. He later discovers that it had been a plot of the Head of SPECTRE, Ernst Stavro Blofeld.

10. The Living Daylights (1987)

Timothy Dalton plays Bond in this film. The film was directed by John Glenn. Maryam d’Abo plays the Bond girl in this film.

James Bond joins a female cellist to enquire and find out more about the fake defector General Georgi Koskov whom she claimed she was working for. The pursuit later leads them to a powerful weapons dealer Brad Whitaker.

Top 10 Adventure Movies of all time

Best Ten Adventure Movies of All Time – Review

Adventure movies are those which make you marvel and wonder at each point of the movie.  There couldn’t be a more pleasurable experience than watching a real good adventure movie which compels you to stay riveted to the screen.  Here are the top ten adventure movies which I believe will stay evergreen over the years and continue to entertain audiences with the same impact.  Some of these adventure movies are very old and yet there have been no movies to beat them.  These are the best 10 adventure films which I feel among the  genre of adventure movies.

Aliens (1986)

Aliens is an adventure movie released in 1986 and directed by James Cameron. The film was released as a sequel to Alien released in 1979. This movie certainly deserves a place in the top adventure movies of all time.

Almost 50 years after Ellen Ripley survived her devastating experience, her escape vessel is retrieved after moving round the galaxy as she slept in cryogenic stasis. Back on earth, no one trusted her tale about the Aliens on the LV-426 planet. Once the Company instructs the colony on LV-426 to investigate, however, all connection with the colony is suddenly lost. The Company enlists Ripley to assist a group of rugged, tough space marines on the rescue assignment to the currently partially terraformed planet so as to ascertain if there are actually survivors or aliens. As the mission shows up, Ripley will likely be compelled to arrive at grips with her nastiest nightmare, but even while she does, she discovers that the worst is still to come.

The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938)

The Adventures of Robin Hood was released in 1938 and was the combined effort of directors William Keighley and Michael Curtiz. The film was based on ancient Robin Hood legends. The film has always entertained people with its marvelous sword play, whacky humor and tinges of romance very well depicting the beloved outlaw Robin Hood.

As Prince John along with the Norman Lords start oppressing the Saxon people in King Richard’s absence, a Saxon lord Robin Hood retaliates as the outlaw chief of a rebel guerrilla army

Apocalypse Now (1979)

Apocalypse Now is an adventure movie released in 1979 and directed by Francis Ford Coppola.

While the Vietnam War is still going on, Captain Willard is sent on a risky mission to Cambodia to finish off a rebel Green Beret who has managed to establish himself as a God amongst the local tribe. It is the peak of the war in Vietnam, and Colonel Lucas and a General send U.S. Army Captain Willard to execute an unofficial mission. The mission: To look for a mystical Green Beret Colonel, Walter Kurtz, whose men have surpassed the border into Cambodia and is executing hit-and-run missions against the NVA and Viet Cong. The army feels Kurtz has long gone totally crazy and Willard’s work is to get rid of him! Willard soon finds out that his target is one of the most celebrated officials in the U.S. Army. His team meets up with surfer-type Lt-Colonel Kilgore, top man of a U.S Army helicopter cavalry group that eliminates a Viet Cong outpost to give an admittance point into the Nung River. After a few hair-raising encounters, in which a few of his crew are slain, Willard, Chef and Lance reach Colonel Kurtz’s outpost.

The Dark Knight (2008)

The Dark Knight is a 2008 film directed by Christopher Nolan. It is another of the series of Batman adventure films.

Batman, Harvey Dent and Gordon are compelled to cope with the mayhem let loose by a terrorist mastermind referred to just as the Joker, since he pushes all of them to their limits. Batman increases the stakes in the fight against crime. With the assistance of District Attorney Harvey Dent and Lieutenant Jim Gordon, Batman ventures to dismantle the rest of the crime organizations that trouble the city streets. The collaboration turns out to be effective, however they soon fall prey to a rule of chaos let loose by a growing criminal mastermind identified by the frightened citizens of Gotham as being the Joker.

Up (2009)

Up was an animation film released in 2009 and was written and directed by Bob Peterson and Pete Docter. It is indeed a great adventure animation film which continues to entertain people.

The movie is about 78-year-old Carl Fredricksen who ventures to accomplish his life time desire to visit the forests of South America by tying countless balloons to his house. Immediately after rising up, Carl discovers he is not alone in his trip, because Russell, a 8 year old who calls himself the wilderness explorer, has unexpectedly turned into a stowaway on the journey.

Apollo 13 (1995)

Apollo 13 was a film released in 1995 and was directed by Ron Howard. The film is based on the true story of three astronauts and their moonbound missions.

Apollo 13: To the Edge and Back is a touching true tale of 3 astronauts trapped in space and also NASA’s relentless attempt to get them home safely. The film includes substantial archival footage of the aborted lunar mission and first-hand reports from team members Jack Swigert, Jim Lovell and Fred Haise, in addition to commentary by their family and friends and NASA officers.

Lawrence of Arabia (1962)

Lawrence of Arabia is a film released in 1962 and directed by David Lean and to date is one of the top adventure movies.

Lawrence of Arabia is an epic rumination on a controversial and flamboyant British army man and his conflicted loyalties in the time of wartime service. An inordinately complicated man who has been described by different names from hero, to sadist, to charlatan, Thomas Edward Lawrence blazed his route to fame inside the Arabian Desert, and then looked for anonymity being a standard soldier under an assumed name. The storyline unwraps by the demise of Lawrence in a motorbike accident at the age of 46 in Dorset , then flashbacks to recall his numerous adventures: as a young intelligence officer in Cairo in 1916, he is provided leave to analyze the advance of the Arab revolt in opposition to the Turks in The First World War. Inside the desert, he sets up a guerrilla army and for a couple of years direct the Arabs in troubling the Turks with desert raids, camel attacks and train wrecking. Ultimately, he leads his army towards the north helping a British General to completely ruin the strength of the Ottoman Empire.

Hell and Back Again (2011)

Hell and Back Again directed by Danfung Dennis was released in 2011.

Exactly what does it mean to lead men in war? What does it mean to return home? Hell and Back Again is really a cinematically innovative film that gives you answers to many such questions with an intimacy and power that no earlier film concerning the struggle in Afghanistan has ever been able to accomplish. It is really a masterwork in the genre of war cinemas.

Dr. No (1962)

Dr. No released in 1962 is one of the best adventure films in the James Bond series. It was directed by Sean Connery.

James Bond lands into the island of mysterious Dr. No while investigating the case of a missing colleague in Jamaica. He later also discovers about Dr. No’s plan to put an end to the US space program.

Back to the Future (1985)

Back to the Future was released in 1985 and directed by Robert Zemeckis.

Marty Mc Fly, an average American teenager from the Eighties, is unintentionally sent back to 1955 in a plutonium-powered De Lorean “time machine” created by fairly crazy researcher. In the course of his typically hysterical, often amazing trip back in time, Marty should ensure his young parents-to-be meet each other as well as fall in love – only then he can return to the future.