So many of people have just been searching on google about How to make Single Name account on Facebook? or How To Hide the Last name on Facebook? Well, here is a very simple method which explains how to make single name account on Facebook successfully.  But here you need to make one note are Indonesians are officially allowed to have a single name accounts on Facebook as the most of people in Indonesia will have one name and that’s why Facebook allows them to have one single name.

So what is that we are doing now in this post we’re acting like we’re from Indonesia. So i hope you understood the trick and the logic behind that. And also one thing you should mainly know that Indonesians are legally eligible to have this single name accounts and the rest of the other country people are not for that! So now it’s all your wish and will whether to perform this trick or not here simply i can just skip all these warning steps and can directly tell you to just perform this trick so that i can just gain the complete visitors to this post. But trust me i’m not that kind of person. i have a huge love and respect to my site leaders. and i always give them high preference to safety moves. So that is the only main reason why i actually warned you about performing this one name process.

Methods for how to make Single name account (or) how to hide last name on facebook:

Step 1: So now, from your Mozilla Firefox browser, just open your Facebook account and just go to “General Account Settings“.

Step 2: Change language settings to “Bahasa Indonesia’.

Step 3: Go to any of the below link which you wish for.

Select Proxy country= indonesia, port=8080 & click ‘Update results’. Now from here just copy the proxy address of point 8080 from those results.

Now in general way the proxy address will be in this format –

So just take it as a example if i’m giving you this proxy= Now just try it. but then to it may work or may not be working. so Mostly just select the new proxies which were updated more recently (Proxies). now while performing all this process, some of the proxies may not work for sure and some of the proxies will work for sure just like if i want to say 1 out of 3 trails. So just be so patient while doing all this single name account process.

Step 4: Now here you have to change your Firefox browser proxy as how i’m going to show you in the below pictures,

So from here Go to Tools> options > Advanced > Network > Settings.

Now from here just click on the ‘settings’ and then just select “Manual proxy configuration:”. – Here you need to paste the proxy & port- 8080 where you got from the above 2 links- or else and just tick on the box that which says “Use this proxy server for all the protocols” and then finally just click on OK in the settings dialog box.

Step 5: Now from here just open your Name settings in your Fb. and then just simply remove your last name or just leave it as empty and then just click on the ‘Save Changes‘.

Now here on your Facebook account is with the first name without your last name as you wished for.

Step 6: Now from here change back your Language settings from “Bahasa Indonesia” to “English

Step 7: Now after the completion of all the steps , just remove ‘Manual proxy configuration‘. and now in the Firefox settings just select “Use system proxy setting‘. That’s it there ends the matter!!!

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Note: Here you can make single name account only if your profile name has the limits which is not exceeded.

So please do let me know if you have any doubts regarding how to make single name account on Facebook or like how to hide your last name on the Facebook, now here you can ask in the below comments. i’ll get back to you with the perfect solution. And you should also make sure and should make a note that this method won’t just work successfully at all the time as you wish for. Frankly speaking, it actually depends upon the luck which only means that by selecting the exactly whether this method works for you or not perfectly. so i would say just try with all the different new proxies, and also, just read all the below comments for some time so that you will have some idea! what exactly it is.